Buying and Selling cardboard products since 2000!


Bay Area Box is a professional purchaser and seller of used, misprinted, and obsolete cardboard boxes. We deal primarily with companies that either generate large quantities of discarded boxes, or operate through the need FOR large quantities of boxes - ALL at discounted prices. Match our products versus new boxes with exact profiles and qualities and your next phone call will be to Bay Area Box.


We buy, then sell our boxes back to the import and export industry, making our procedures outstanding for the enviroment. Each box we deal in gets used twice before it ends up being recycled! These products are perfect in every way, offered at a discount to you.


Bay Area Box prides itself in creating more than a business relationship. We join forces with our customers through firm handshakes, friendships and integrity to back it all up. Every company that we have done business with has had different needs and that is where our philosophy pays off. We create standards that make the procedure of buying and selling boxes individual to each company we operate with.



Our BUYING services:


We typically pay a higher price for boxes because we are not a recycler. We negotiate fair and profitable prices which never fluctuate like tonnage/recycler prices. After a representative from Bay Area Box meets with your company, we discuss the different procedures of saving and storing boxes. For example, some companies store boxes at their own location until 4-6 pallets are generated for a pick up. Some companies have such large quantities of boxes that we provide dry vans for storage.


We have vast experience accomodating storage and off-loading requirements by all size warehousing systems.



Our SELLING services:


Please see our Services/Samples page to get a feel of how we can fill your needs. Again, we negotiate profitable prices for BOTH parties - and we do it with integrity. We will deliver your freshly purchased boxes to your warehousing location which leaves your focus on your own company profitability.





Our professional services and procedures proclamation:

  • We sell you cardboard boxes at a fair price.
  • We buy cardboard products at a profitable price.
  • We negotiate pick-up and deliveries throughout the West Coast.
  • Our operating procedures flourish through the relationships we forge.